Cochrane study on mobility after hip fracture

Cochrane study on mobility after hip fracture

A Cochrane review published in September 2022 found that both in hospital and after discharge, treatment targeting mobility will help people get safely back on their feet, moving and walking again after hip fracture surgery.

This Cochrane review found 40 studies from 17 countries that included 4059 people with hip fracture, most of whom were over 65 years old, with an average age of 80. They evaluated the treatment provided to help people move better, including standing up and walking.

Eighteen studies evaluated mobility strategies that started in the hospital within a week after hip fracture surgery which found that they moderately increase people's mobility four months after their fracture and probably increase walking speed to a small but meaningful degree.

Mobility treatment undertaken after discharge from hospital in homes, retirement villages and outpatient clinics, improve mobility, function, reduce falls and probably increase walking speed.

The types of treatment that appear effective are exercises in addition to standard physiotherapy. The exercises that were helpful target balance, walking and functional tasks. After discharge from hospital, extra strength or endurance training may also improve mobility.

These findings confirm the importance of ensuring mobility is a key component of care for all patients who sustain a hip fracture around the world” says Professor Cathie Sherrington, one of the reviewers.

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