Perioperative SIG


To create an interdisciplinary collaborating group of clinicians, researchers and educators within the Fragility Fracture Network who share an interest in understanding and are committed to improving perioperative care of people with fragility fractures across the globe.


  • To provide information on the ethical and moral implications of complex decision making in the perioperative period in frail individuals with fragility fractures with a special focus on the issues around nonoperative management
  • To develop educational tools for improving the quality, safety and efficiency of perioperative management
  • To gather and share examples of excellence in perioperative care at individual and structural level especially as it relates to persons who suffer from fragility fractures
  • To increase awareness and uptake of best practices in peri operative care


  • Disseminate information from a survey of attitudes and influences globally around non-operative management of hip fracture to help guide practitioners on best practices respecting societal and cultural differences
  • Collation of national evidence-based guidelines from various disciplines on perioperative management of people with hip fracture and other fragility fractures with the goal of disseminating findings through FFN and a publication
  • Dissemination of information on best practices in perioperative care through webinars hosted by leaders in the field of perioperative management



Advisory Panel: Please contact if you are interested in
being involved with any of these initiatives

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