A training program called Bone Fit™ is available in Canada to teach healthcare professionals and community exercise providers on how to supervise individuals who have osteoporosis or have had osteoporotic fractures in safe and effective exercise.

Exercising is critical for people who have, or are at risk of, osteoporosis. However, there are some exercises that would be typically recommended, such as weight bearing exercises, and some that may not be as appropriate, such as exercises that put excessive pressure on the spine. Exercises can be taught by health care professionals, however exercising is a lifelong commitment so community exercise trainers also benefit from knowing how to supervise exercise for people who have osteoporosis.

Bone Fit™ was developed and launched by Osteoporosis Canada. The program trains health care professionals and community exercise providers encouraging safe exercise for people with osteoporosis and providing research-informed guidelines for the exercise provider to be able to prescribe, adapt and progress exercise and activities of daily living.

The goal of the Bone Fit™ workshops is to provide safe, effective, evidence-informed exercises to create a continuum of care from the clinic to the community or home. The program has 2 workshops:

In 2023 the workshops will include Level I, offered online, introducing best practices for exercise prescription, determining fracture risk, guiding and adapting safe daily movement and exercise, and introducing essential Bone Fit ™ exercises for spinal muscles.  Level II is in-person and focuses on hands-on practice and problem solving through active group work and case studies. 

For more information about the Bone Fit program click here.

The intention of Bone Fit™ workshops is to provide the tools to health care and exercise professionals so that they can develop, adapt and guide those with osteoporosis to safely train for life.  Training for life is meant to engage people in exercise so that they live their ‘best lives’ and incorporate multicomponent training for the remainder of their life!” says Dr. Judi Laprade, lead consultant and trainer, for the Bone Fit™ program at Osteoporosis Canada. 

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