Educational Web Series for Carers of Older Patients with Fragility Fracture

A hip fracture is an acute event for older patients who require immediate and increased caregiver support as they face decreased physical function. Carers of older patients with hip fractures have to cope with physical, psychological, and social stressors as they often have difficulty adapting to their new role, managing the burden, and accessing and understanding the information regarding the rehabilitation and care needs of the patient.

The education of carers empowers them to develop practical strategies for better patient care and encourages them to better manage the burden of caring. Interventions improving educational and social support for family caregivers of older adults were found to effectively increase caregivers’ confidence, coping ability, and caring outcomes.

In this framework, we are pleased to present you the Educational Web Series “Caring after a Fracture (CARE)”, an initiative of the FFN Education Committee (EduCom). It consists of 13 animated, interactive modules and it is divided into three phases: (i) assessment of basic knowledge of the Series topics, (ii) completion of the 13 modules, (iii) re-evaluation of the information learned, evaluation survey, and award of certificate of attendance.

13 modules, covering all key-aspects of the fragility fracture care pathway!

  1. Family caregivers: role and psycho-social needs
  2. Osteoporosis as cause of fragility fracture

  3. Frailty and sarcopenia

  4. Secondary prevention: falls, adherence of antiosteoporosis treatment and importance of calcium and vitamin D supplementation

  5. Nutrition and hydration

  6. Notions of hygiene

  7. Supporting mobilisation after hip fracture

  8. Mobility and exercises

  9. Skin care and pressure injury prevention

  10. Supporting fracture patients with cognitive impairment

  11. Effective communication with the fractured patient

  12. Management of stress

  13. Caregiving & Care in anthropological perspective

Visit the CARE website!

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