Fracture Liaison Service in Korea: 2022 Position Statement of the Korean Society for Bone and Mineral Research

A position statement that reviews the implementation methods for institutions implementing FLS, and characteristics of services and activities of the FLS committee. The focus is to impel policy change to enable multidisciplinary and integrated FLS within the Korean healthcare system.

Download the document here.


Johansen A, Ojeda-Thies C, Poacher AT, Hall AJ, Brent L, Ahern EC, Costa ML; Global Fragility Fracture Network Hip Fracture Audit Special Interest Group. Developing a minimum common dataset for hip fracture audit to help countries set up national audits that can support international comparisons. Bone Joint J. 2022 Jun;104-B(6):721-728. doi: 10.1302/0301-620X.104B6.BJJ-2022-0080.R1.

This study explores the current use of the FFN Minimum Common Dataset (MCD) within established national hip fracture registries, and proposes a revised MCD to enable international benchmarking for hip fracture care.

Johansen A, Hall AJ, Ojeda-Thies C, Poacher AT, Costa ML; Global Fragility Fracture Network Hip Fracture Audit Special Interest Group. Standardization of global hip fracture audit could facilitate learning, improve quality, and guide evidence-based practice. Bone Joint J. 2023 Sep 1;105-B(9):1013-1019. doi: 10.1302/0301-620X.105B9.BJJ-2023-0281.

Following the publication of the revised minimum common dataset (MCD) in 2022 to improve consistency and interoperability between registries, this study compares the compatibility of existing registries with the MCD.


National Hip Fracture Database:

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