Middle East Region

Board Members

Professor Aysha Habib Khan

Lead Consultant Chemical Pathologist & Bone

Dr Tashfeen Ahmad

Co-Lead Assistant Professor & Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr Masood Umer

Lead Communication Committee Associate Professor & Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr Swaleha Tariq

Lead Geriatrician Associate Professor & Consultant Primary Physician

Dr Hafsa Majid

Lead Education Committee Assistant Professor & Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Dr Sibtain Ahmed

Lead Scientific Committee Assistant Professor & Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Ms Anum Sadruddin

Lead, Health Services Delivery Researcher Senior Instructor, Nurse

Resources FFN

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Updates from late 2022

Current Situation

  • Pakistan population: 235,017,405
  • Population 60+ years: 15,964,800
  • Proportion in rural areas: 62.5%
  • Literacy rate: 52%
  • Proportion below poverty line: 24.3%
  • Health budget 2022-2023: 1.05bn US$
  • Health expenditure per capita: 39 US$
  • Osteoporosis & fragility fractures: Missing from National Action Plan
  • National data on fragility fractures: Not available
  • Launched January 20, 2023


  • Broaden workforce: Engage related disciplines including physiotherapy, nutrition
  • Engaging more centers and National Societies
  • Developing National Guidelines
  • Resources – Administrative Support/Coordinator

Exemplar Initiatives and Programs

  • Understanding – retrospective study on current practices re. bone health in hip fractures.
  • Benchmarking – Path finder audits for hip and vertebral fractures against IOF best practices.
  • Educating – Patient education programme tailored to local contexts, including fall prevention, nutrition and physical activity.

Activities at a National Level

  • FFN-Pakistan – Establishment of Board & different forums with specific objectives
  • National data – National Hip Fracture Registry under development
    • National engagement – FFN-Pakistan initiated – 12 centres from 8 cities have joined
    • Meeting 1: Jan 2022, Meeting 2: Aug 2022
  • Research – Determining the most feasible FLS model for secondary fracture prevention locally – ongoing project in an academic medical center
  • Education – Online courses planned for winter 2022 with support from FFN Global experts
  • Patient education programme tailored to local contexts
  • Bringing Inclusivity: Engaging Nurses
    • CME Webinar Series: Bone & Mineral Matters
    • Role of Nurses in Care of Fragility Fractures
    • Hip Fractures in the acute care setting
    • Role of Nurse Coordinators
  • First Inaugural Meeting of Board of FFN-Pakistan 30th Nov 2022

Plans and Area of Focus for 2023

  • FFN-Pakistan
    • Promotion of awareness and education on 1st & 3rd pillars of call to action of FFN-Global in Pakistan
    • Facilitate in developing Provincial Chapters of FFN-Pak
  • Education and Training Committee
    • Develop educational material for secondary fracture prevention in all local languages
    • Educate physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists on SFP
  • Communication and Networking
    • FFN-Pak Newsletter
    • FFN-Pak Website development
    • You tube channel
  • Scientific Committee
    • Organization of Two Regional Asia pacific Pocket meetings
  • Secondary Fracture Prevention SIG
    • Engage multidisciplinary teams in Institutes
    • Ensure maximum institute participation
  • Hip Fracture Registry
    • Monitor complete data entry
  • Vertebral Fragility Fracture
    • Integration of a vertebral fracture identification service into a fracture liaison service”.
    • Pathfinder Audit for vertebral Fragility Fracture (Different institution)


  • Bone & Mineral Disease Research Group, Aga Khan University
  • Pakistan Orthopaedic Association
  • Indus Hospital Health Network
  • Trauma Centre, Civil Hospital Karachi
  • Liaqat National Hospital Karachi
  • Services Institute of Medical Sciences Lahore
  • Institute of Rheumatic Diseases (IRD)
  • Central Park Medical College
  • National Hospital & Medical Centre
  • University of Health Sciences (UHS) Punjab
  • Institute of Neurosciences (PINS)
  • Lahore General Hospital, Pakistan
  • Allied Hospital/Faisalabad Medical university, FSD
  • Nishtar Medical University and Hospital Multan

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