FFN Portugal

Board Members

António Miranda

President, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Bruno Carvalho

Vice President, Anesthetist

Cármen Queirós

General Secretary, Rehabilitation Nurse

Pedro Pereira

Treasurer, TOC

Sofia Duque

Member, Orthogeriatrician

Georgina Pimentel

Member, Rehabilitation Nurse

Anabela Pereira

Member, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine physician

Sónia Santos

Member, Dietitian

Conceição Graça

Member, Physiotherapist

António Sales

President of General Assembly, Orthopaedic surgeon

Amílcar Valverde

Member of General Assembly, Orthopaedic surgeon

Teresa Tomé

Member of General Assembly, Orthopaedic surgeon

José Trigo

President of Fiscal Council, Manager

Rita Pereira

Member of Fiscal Council, PCG

Sofia Rendeiro

Member of Fiscal Council, Social Work

João Varandas Fernandes

President of Advisory Council, Orthopaedic surgeon

Establishment of FFN Portugal

Plans for 2023-24

- Development of the FFN Portugal website, presence on social media and in the press
- Translation of FFN's official manuals and publications (Global Call to Action, Clinical Toolkit, Orthogeriatric Textbook, Fragility Fracture Nursing, Interdisciplinary Nutritional Management)
- Increasing national presence, attracting new members, involving institutions, policymakers, and stakeholders
- Creation of the National Registry of Hip Fractures, based on the FFN's Minimum Common Dataset 2022 and Hip Fracture Registry Toolbox
View the poster of FFN Portugal at the FFN Congress Oslo 2023

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