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Board Members

Prof Deog Yoon Kim

Chairman Internal Medicine

Prof Yong Chan Ha

Deputy President Orthopedic Surgeon

Prof Jae-Young Lim

Vice President Geriatrician/Rehabilitationist

Prof Yonghan Cha

General Secretary Orthopedic Surgeon

Prof Jaewon Beom

Chair, Scientific Committee Geriatrician/Rehabilitationist

Prof Sang Yoon Lee

Chair, Education Committee Geriatrician/Rehabilitationist

Prof Yonghan Cha

General Secretary

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Updates from late 2022

Current Situation

  • 27 professional members of the committee
  • Coordinator education symposium (4/year)
  • FLS educational sumposium (2/year)
  • FLS guidebook renewal
  • Virtual meetings with FFN


  • Comprehensive and integrated fragility fracture care is not a priority yet in healthcare policy

  • Awareness among medical professionals about integrated cares for fragility fractures is still insufficient

Exemplar Initiatives and Programs

  • Fragility fracture Integrated Rehabilitation Management (FIRM) program

  • Discharge care plan : regional collaboration
  • Home-based medical care for fragility fracture

Activities at a National Level

  • The last education symposium was successfully completed last December.
  • The renewal of the FLS guidebook has been completed and prepared for publication.

Plans and Area of Focus for 2023

  • FLS coordinator education symposium (4 times in 2023)
  • Health policy proposal for implementing integrated care of fragility fractures to clinical practice
  • Building the National Hip fracture Database
  • The Korean version of FLS guidebook: 2ndedition will be published
  • Multicenter study for identifying feasibility and effect of FLS in Korea: ongoing
  • Creation of FLS in many hospitals


  • Korean Society for Bone and Mineral Research
  • Korean Orhopaedic Association
  • Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Korean Endocrine Society
  • Korean Geriatrics Society
  • Korean Society of Sarcopenia
  • Korean Nutrition Society

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