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Board Members

Prof. A.B. Dey

President Geriatrician

Prof. Anil Kumar Jain

Vice President Orthopaedic Surgeon

Prof. R. Malhotra

Secretary/Founding member Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Kamram Farooque

Treasurer Orthopaedic Surgeon

Prof. P.P. Kotwal

Chair-Nomination Committee Spinal Surgeon

Dr. Rajesh Khadgawat

Chair-Scientific Committee Endocrinologist

Dr. Ashish Goel

Board Member-Geriatrics Geriatrician

Prof. Anjan Trikha

Board Member-Anaesthesia Anesthesiologist

Prof. Nikhil Tandon

Board Member-Endocrinology/ Metabolic Disorders Endocrinologist

Dr. Bhavuk Garg

Board Member- Orthopaedic Surgery Spinal Surgeon

Prof. Sanjay Wadhwa

Board Member-PMR Scientist

Mrs. Kanchan Mittal

Board Member-Physiotherapy Physiotherapist

Prof. Thomas V. Paul

Committee Member Endocrinologist

Dr. Abrar Ahmed

Committee Member Spinal Surgeon

Dr.Yogesh R. Parikh

Committee Member Orthopaedic Surgeon

Prof. Sushil Kumar Gupta

Committee Member Endocrinologist

Dr.Ranjana Khetarpi

Committee Member Anesthesiologist

Dr. Ram Chaddha

Committee Member Spinal Surgeon

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