Meet our Experts


This year we are glad to bring you several renowned experts in the field of fragility fracture care. Get ready for controversial and trend-setting speeches by innovative thought leaders.

Plenary Speakers

Perioperative care: case-based management

Hip attack
M. Bhandari (Orthopaedic, Canada)
F. Kessler Borges (Co-speaker, Internist, Canada)

Delirium management
E. Marcantonio (Geriatrician, USA)

Pressure ulcer prevention
Z. Moore (Nurse, Ireland)

Rehabilitation post fracture

Sarcopenia and exercise
M. Fiatarone Singh (Geriatrician, Australia)

J. Stevens-Lapsley (Physiotherapist, USA)

“Physiotherapy – but not here”: an ethnography of acute orthopaedic wards with a focus on the cognitively impaired
J. Cross (Physiotherapist, UK)

Secondary prevention: evaluation and improvement

Osteosarcopenia and prevention
F. Salech (Geriatrician, Chile)

Key quality indicators for FLS
K. Åkesson (Orthopaedic, Sweden)

Bone health TeleECHO
M. Lewiecki (Endocrinologist, USA)

Changing practice through policy and evaluation

Beyond the NHFD
M. Costa (Orthopaedic, UK)

Hip fracture re-design
P. Guy (Orthopaedic, Canada)

US perspectives
S. Kates (Orthopaedic, USA)