Establishing National FFNs

Pre-Congress Regional Meeting Europe


The Pre-Congress Meeting has already been held. It was focused on sharing initiatives of creating national Fragility Fracture Networks, focusing on principles, progress and challenges. You can now see the recording by clicking on the button.

12 JUNE 2021

Hosts and EU Committee Chairs

Elias Panagiotopoulos
David Marsh

09:00 PM

Session I – Rationale and principles of FFN’s regionalization strategy
Matt Costa and Carmelinda Ruggiero

9.00 AM – Regionalisation and the Call to Action Guide to Formation of National FFNs (David Marsh)
9.10 AM – Regionalisation Committee role Relations between National FFNs and the global FFN (Elias Panagiotopoulos)
9.20 AM – RegCom Workshop in the Global Congress (Irewin Tabu)
9.30 AM – Discussion

09:45 AM


10:00 AM

Session II – Established nFFNs in Europe
Frede Frihagen and Paolo Falaschi

10.00 AM – History of establishment; current legal status; Articles of Association
10.20 AM – Board members, disciplines, roles on the Board, membership and leading positions in professional associations. Funding
10.40 AM – Current initiatives: policy change, education, registries.Assessment of impact. Plans going forward
11.00 AM – Discussion

11:30 AM


11:45 AM

Plenary Session ΙII – Activists trying to establish new nFFNs
José Caeiro and Anette Hylen-Ranhoff

11.45 AM – Key issues
a. Progress and obstacles b. Putative board members – discipline balance
12.45 PM – Discussion
13.00 PM – CLOSING REMARKS (Elias Panagiotopoulos)


12 JUNE 2021
9:00 am – 13:00 pm (EST)