Interprofessional Educational Project 


Educational Web Series on the Multidisciplinary Management of Older Patients with Fragility Fracture

This Educational Web Series is based on the chapters of the book Orthogeriatrics - Second Edition and focuses on the multidisciplinary management of older patients with fragility fractures. 

The first phase of the project, supported by an unrestricted grant from Nutricia-Danone, involves the creation of 3 interactive modules: - Nutrition - Frailty and Sarcopenia - Rehabilitation. These three topics are fundamental to the care of older people with fragility fractures. They transcend the boundaries of care as they are the responsibility of the whole health and social care team, not just related to a specific professional area. This approach reinforce the need for a person-centred, integrated and multidisciplinary care for these patients so they can recover their functioning and wellbeing. 

The modules are delivered in a friendly environment with the use of many learning pop-ups with key messages and essential resources to be consulted.

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