Establishment of FFN Portugal

Establishment of FFN Portugal

We are excited to announce the launch of FFN Portugal which occurred on November 27, 2023.

FFN Portugal is being led by the incoming president António Miranda, who is an Orthopaedic Surgeon.

As per the mandate of FFN, the leadership team is multidisciplinary, consisting of 16 members from 13 different areas of interest who are involved in the treatment of patients with fragility fractures. 

FFN Portugal have set a series of ambitious goals for the next 2 years 
- Development of the FFN Portugal communication strategy to engage and inform health care professionals across Portugal including a website, presence on social media and in the press

- Translation of FFN's manuals and publications to increase the resources available on best practice

- Increasing their national presence to increase knowledge uptake including attracting new members, involving institutions, policymakers, and stakeholders

- Creation of the National Registry of Hip Fractures, based on the FFN's Minimum Common Dataset 2022 and Hip Fracture Registry Toolbox

Dr Bruno Carvalho, Vice President of FFN Portugal, notes that "FFN Portugal is very proud of our team and excited about the potential that this initiative has to improve the care of patients with fragility fractures in Portugal."

At FFN global we look forward to continuing to work with Portugal as they grow their initiatives over the next few years.

Our congratulations to the FFN Portugal members for all their hard work!

Learn more about FFN Portugal here.

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