Global Call to Action on Fragility Fractures and FFN Toolkits

Global Call to Action

At the conclusion of the 6th Global Congress of the FFN in Rome in 2016, five other organisations joined with FFN in laying out their vision for the following decade of work in fragility fractures. This led to the collaborative writing of a Global Call to Action, which was published in 2018.

It was then endorsed, prior to publication, by a further 75 organisations from the relevant disciplines, some global, some regional and some national from the larger countries of Brazil, China, India, Japan and the United States of America. Since publication, a steady stream of other national professional associations has been adding their endorsement.

The recommendations in this paper can be summarised as four ‘Pillars’

  1. Multidisciplinary care of the acute fracture episode along orthogeriatric lines
  2. Excellent rehabilitation to recover function, independence and quality of life, starting immediately but continued long term
  3. Reliable secondary prevention after every fragility fracture, addressing falls risk as well as bone health
  4. Formation of multidisciplinary national alliances to promote policy change that enables the above three

FFN has translated the Global Call to Action into the world’s major languages which can be downloaded from here.

In October 2020, FFN published two toolkits to support colleagues throughout the world to turn the Global Call to Action into Actual Action.

FFN Clinical Toolkit

Provides a guide to practical implementation of Pillars I-III. Additional resources highlighted in the FFN Clinical Toolkit are available from here. Please download your Clinical Toolkit by clicking on the desired language below.

FFN Policy Toolkit

Provides guidance and support for colleagues seeking to engage with policymakers to bring about changes to policy that will enable widespread implementation of Pillars I-III. Please download your Policy Toolkit by clicking on the desired language below.