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Generic Business Case Templates

  • Orthogeriatrics Services: The Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR) has developed generic business case templates to support hospitals in Australia and New Zealand to participate in the ANZHFR by implementation/development of an/the Orthogeriatrics Service. These templates could inform development of similar cases in other countries. FFN thanks the ANZHFR for granting permission to link to these resources.
  • Fracture Liaison Services: FFN has developed a generic business case template to support implementation of Fracture Liaison Services which can be downloaded from here.
  • Rehabilitation Services: Template coming soon.

Generic Job Descriptions

Fracture Liaison Services: Generic job descriptions have been developed by many organisations including the New South Wales Agency for Clinical Innovation, Osteoporosis Canada and Osteoporosis New Zealand.

Clinical Pathway Mapping Tools

FFN is in the process of developing a suite of electronic clinical pathway mapping tools.

In 2019, the FLS Focus Group of the Asia Pacific Bone Academy (APBA) published a second edition of the FLS Toolbox for Asia Pacific. This includes a suite of resources to enable multidisciplinary teams to visualise the current pathways of care. FFN has been granted permission to link to these resources and thanks the APBA FLS Focus Group and Amgen Asia for their support.

Related Resources

There are extensive links in the FFN Clinical Toolkit to the second edition of the textbook on orthogeriatrics and the fragility fracture nursing textbook, which were both published as open access thanks to unconditional support by UCB.

The Policy Toolkit complements and expands upon the Guide to formation of national Fragility Fracture Networks. A national FFN will catalyse the creation of the multidisciplinary national alliances referred to in the Global Call to Action and FFN Clinical and Policy Toolkits.


The Global Call to Action is included in a peer-reviewed publication in the journal Injury. Go to the following link to access the publication.

FFN has translated the Global Call to Action into the world’s major languages:

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