About the FFN

A world where anybody who sustains a fragility fracture achieves the optimal recovery of independent function and quality of life, with no further fractures
To optimise globally the multidisciplinary management of the patient with a fragility fracture, including secondary prevention
  • To create a global network of national alliances of fragility fracture activists
  • To spread globally the best multidisciplinary practice and systems of care for managing fragility fractures
  • To ensure that every fragility fracture becomes an opportunity  for systematically preventing  further fracture
  • To promote research aimed at improving the quality of fragility fracture care
  • To generate political priority for fragility fracture care in all countries 
Strategic Focus
In the next five years, the FFN will facilitate national (or regional) multidisciplinary alliances which lead to:
  • Consensus guidelines
  • Quality standards
  • Systematic performance measurement 
for the care of older people with fragility fracture.
The metric of FFN’s success will be the number of nations in which these goals are achieved