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8th FFN Global Congress 2019


The 2019 bidding round is closed. We are happy to announce that...

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Expressions of Interest for the FFN Global Congress 2020/2021


We are interested in expressions of interest for the 2020 and 2021 FFN Congresses...

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Fragility Fracture Network - Press information




Fragility fractures mainly affect elderly women. Reduced skeletal strength means that the skeleton become brittle and fractures occur even with very little trauma. Osteoporosis is the most common cause of brittle bone.

The most common fractures are those of the hip, shoulder, wrist or the vertebras of the spine. Optimal treatment depends on fracture location and how the fracture looks, i.e. the severity of the fracture, but also on the patient. Since many of the patients are older, it is of importance the entire management is tailored to the patient, taking into account the global health status to reach the best possible treatment effect. This is a challenge both for healthcare providers and for the social services that are often needed after a severe fracture.

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FFN Strategic Plan 2017-2021


The FFN Strategic Plan 2017 covers the years 2017–2021. Since the foundation of the FFN in 2011, we have many new members.

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San Servolo Nursing Education Course 2017


New strategies in nurse education in fragilityfracture management in San Servolo

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FFN Researchers Interested in Your Views on Psych-Cognitive and Social Factors to Improve Recovery from Hip Fracture


The Fragility Fracture Network Special Interest Group on Hip Fracture Recovery Research would like your opinion about important psychosocial and cognitive factors that may be important for improving outcomes from hip fracture.

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Current Concepts Review Establishing a Fracture Liaison Service: An Orthopaedic Approach


Anna N. Miller, MD, Anne F. Lake, DNP, and Cynthia L. Emory, MD

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Orthogeriatrics - Paolo Falaschi and David R. Marsh


Short Presentation

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